Repairing the sawmill

The Mendocino complex fire burned through the ranch pretty hard. There were a lot of large trees killed in the fire that are perfect for milling into lumber for use on the ranch.

My helper “Skrit” is keeping an eye on me while I make my repairs.

Pond dog

There are several ponds on the ranch. This one is on the road above the house. “Duke” loves chasing the newts when we take our walks… Fortunately they are quicker than he is! He does well bringing back sticks though!

Breakfast with Rassy

Rassy is a great eater. He starts his day with ten ounces of goat milk replacement. By the end of the day he has consumed at least 36 ounces.

Some of that milk comes from his mother, Daisy. I milk her at least once a day.

I take Rassy out to be with Daisy when I am feeding and milking. She has expressed little to no interest in him. Fortunately Rassy gets mother’s milk anyway!

Feeding Rassy

Rassy’s nap place

Rassy’s bed during the day is where he can stay the warmest! Leo the cat is not pleased he got bumped out of the spot he claimed first…

Rassy looking snazzy

Guess I just became one of those folks that puts goats in pajamas… Well, to be honest my daughter picked out the outfit.

Rassy continues to gain weight and has become more agile on his feet. Not bad for a goat that couldn’t stand 6 days ago!

Rassy in PJs

Cat meets Goat

Rassy and Leo

Rassy is learning there are all sorts of new experiences outside of the little pen he sleeps in. House cats are something he has approached with trepidation… until he learned that they will run and he can chase them! So now when he is wandering about the house the cats keep an eye out for him.

Rassy on day 5

Rassy has made himself at home here in the house. He sleeps in a cat bed in an old dog kennel we moved into the living room. We have been feeding him a combination of powdered goat milk and mother’s milk.

Goats are pretty vocal and Rassy is happy to exercise his lungs! He is starting to respond to his name and happily skips across the floor to whoever is calling him. Such an improvement from his first days when he could not even stand!

New Addition at the ranch

On April 3, 2020 we had an afternoon surprise! A premie baby goat! “Rassy” was born weighing in at 3 pounds. He was too weak to stand and was moved into the house to be bottle fed till his weight comes up. We are milking his mom for his needs and her comfort. Stay tuned for the adventures of the “house goat” !