A visitor to the ranch…


It’s always nice to see large animals coming back to the forest since the Mendocino Complex Fire. Prior to the fire I had 7 bears in one area. I don’t know if they survived the fire but this guy defiantly did! They are important to the ecosystem and I am glad to be able to share their home.

Rassy on the deck

Rassy on the deck

It’s hard to believe this little guy could not stand on his own a few weeks ago. He’s having a great time exploring the deck.

Last night’s delight

Sunset from Seevers ranch

The trees burned in the Mendocino complex fire provide a stunning contrast to the beautiful sky. The perfect end to the day.

Apple blossoms

February was a false spring up here. Several of the apple trees started blossoms and then it snowed. I was happy to see more blossoms and LOTS of bees! This has the potential to be a very good year for making hard cider!