Old dozer

Nelly Dozer

We bought Nelly a year or so after we bought the ranch. She has plowed snow taller than her cab, brought huge logs out of the forest to our saw mill and just made hard chores easier.

I’ve been blessed having a machine I can actually work on. The new skid steer isn’t designed for folks to work on. So if it needs attention I have to hire a tech to come do the job. As old equipment is phased out and new equipment can’t be worked on by the folks using it I expect farms and ranchers will have to pass those expenses on to the consumer.

Rassy and Duke

Rassy does better with Duke than with the other goats. They sleep in separate crates next to each other. Duke has a muzzle on because he likes to play rough and we don’t want him to hurt Rassy accidentally.


I scattered several pounds of poppy seeds last year. Their color has really added to the beauty of the landscape this spring!

A visitor to the ranch…


It’s always nice to see large animals coming back to the forest since the Mendocino Complex Fire. Prior to the fire I had 7 bears in one area. I don’t know if they survived the fire but this guy defiantly did! They are important to the ecosystem and I am glad to be able to share their home.