Rassy on the deck

Rassy on the deck

It’s hard to believe this little guy could not stand on his own a few weeks ago. He’s having a great time exploring the deck.

Last night’s delight

Sunset from Seevers ranch

The trees burned in the Mendocino complex fire provide a stunning contrast to the beautiful sky. The perfect end to the day.

Apple blossoms

February was a false spring up here. Several of the apple trees started blossoms and then it snowed. I was happy to see more blossoms and LOTS of bees! This has the potential to be a very good year for making hard cider!

Morning coffee

Coffee with the morning moon

Coffee on the deck with my favorite cup shared with a spring moon. The lake has a nice layer of mist on it… Making the music from the deck speakers ethereal.

Repairing the sawmill

The Mendocino complex fire burned through the ranch pretty hard. There were a lot of large trees killed in the fire that are perfect for milling into lumber for use on the ranch.

My helper “Skrit” is keeping an eye on me while I make my repairs.

Pond dog

There are several ponds on the ranch. This one is on the road above the house. “Duke” loves chasing the newts when we take our walks… Fortunately they are quicker than he is! He does well bringing back sticks though!

Breakfast with Rassy

Rassy is a great eater. He starts his day with ten ounces of goat milk replacement. By the end of the day he has consumed at least 36 ounces.

Some of that milk comes from his mother, Daisy. I milk her at least once a day.

I take Rassy out to be with Daisy when I am feeding and milking. She has expressed little to no interest in him. Fortunately Rassy gets mother’s milk anyway!

Feeding Rassy