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Hey folks, sorry the comments are turned off. The amount of spam from God knows where got overwhelming a while back. It is also the reason for the space between posts. I just got tired of the garbage.

If you have a comment, just email me. Hopefully the AI gets refined enough to block the garbage and I can turn comments back on.

Rattle Snake relocation

This big guy was hanging out in a spot with a lot of foot traffic. I relocated him to an area with plenty of opportunity.

Rattle snake

Alfred update

I ended up moving Alfred and Elsa to a new pen so the babies would be better protected.

Alfred and Elsa

New babies!

Well… looks like when Breaker busted out of his pen in December, he paid a visit to Daisy…

Two beautiful boys born 3 days ago. I’ve been bottle feeding and hoping they will both latch on mom. Lots of work. New life is worth it though!

New babies

Nadja and Leo

Just a quick note about Nadja. She has found a surrogate “mom” in my old cat Leo.

Meet Alfred.

Remember how a random buck, Breaker, showed up on the ranch? Well, he managed to breed Elsa before we got him separated from the does…

Meet Randy

Well, Seevers Ranch is going into the fuzzy cattle business.  Because of our elevation and forage, we decided to go with Scottish highlanders.